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Choose one of the Welfare Programs that exists (or has existed) in the United States and present a thorough analysis of it

Paper details:

The analysis should include all of the following:

• The name of the Welfare Program and the year it was created

• The History of the program: Who developed it? Who voted for it? What administration signed it into law? Does it still exist or has it changed over time?

• What resources does the program provide, and who is the target audience? Women? Children? All folks living in poverty?

• What issues does the program aim to address? (Hunger, Homelessness, Medical Care, etc.)

• What are the benefits of utilizing this program?

• What are the Cons of utilizing this program?

• What is the process for applying to this program? Does it have rules/regulations? Is it government or state-funded (or both)?

• What changes would you make to this Program to allow it to be more successful?

Please cite all sourcdgoes you have used in APA Format