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You can pay using a card or Paypal.

Pricing is based on 3 factors; urgency, level of education and number of pages of the work given. The client will quote his/her pages and wait for a writer to bid for the work depending on those three factors.

Unfortunately, we only start working on the paper once the payment is done. The deadline for a particular order begins after the payment is done.

Yes, the refund of your work is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with your work. This is done within 3 to 5 working days.


At homeworkhive.com, you are allowed to choose a specific writer that matches your need.

We give the work of a client the seriousness it deserves. This is why we have a system that checks for plagiarism before work is submitted. In addition, your work will NOT be uploaded on any other site for others to access it.

For new clients, Go to https://www.homeworkhive.com/ then choose the topic, give a budget and the instructions you need, Upload a file if you have, sign up and submit your work. For continuing clients, you will not have to sign up again.


We encourage you to refer your friends if you are satisfied. We also give discount to clients who have referred their friend and they have signed up.

We assure you that your information can never be shared by a third party. In addition, we consider this as a way of guiding you to achieve your goals.