You are one of the HR Managers for Fin & Associates

  • .Part I: You are one of the HR Managers for Fin & Associates. The firm is working on developing an employee handbook and has assigned different managers to work on different sections of the handbook. You were tasked with creating and developing the recruitment and selection section of the employee handbook. The HR Director has asked that you conduct research, and draft this section of the handbook, being certain to include:
  1. A statement of nondiscrimination;
  2. The firm's policy on policy on Equal Employment Opportunity;
  3. The firm's policy on the internal applicant process;
  4. The policy on the external applicant process;
  5. The policy on selecting new employees; and
  6. A nepotism statement.
  • Part II:  The HR Director has once again given you the task of working on another important project. One of the Vice Presidents of HR will be retiring in eight months. The HR Director would like you to develop a succession plan to be implemented to replace this vice president. As part of the succession plan, you are to:
  1. Develop appropriate recommendations for the HR Director on the process of searching for and selecting a new vice president of HR. You must include a rationale for each recommendation.
  2. Identify and analyze the competitive advantages gained through this job and fill the impending vacancy.

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