MG425 Author Competency Essays (weeks 3 & 6)

MG425 Author Competency Essays (weeks 3 & 6)

  • For this course, you will be reading two highly acclaimed leadership authors in weeks 1 through 6, John Maxwell and Jim Collins.

  • Using the Lominger Leadership Architect Library (LLAL) provided in the course documents and the leadership viewpoint of each author, create an essay using the following guidelines:

  • • If you were Maxwell / Collins, what 5 competencies from the LLAL would you select that align with the author’s leadership viewpoint? Please provide supportive narrative answering why for each competency.
  • • On the other hand, what 5 competencies do not align with the each author’s leadership viewpoint? Again, provide narrative for your selections.

  • Essay Length: 1200-1500 words in a business memo format. (Link for this format: Organize your paper so that it clearly delineates the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Reference sections. Sub-titling and bulleting is welcome for clarity.

  • Due Dates: The 5 Levels of Leadership Competency Essay, end of week 3, February 7th Great by Choice Competency Essay, end of week 6, February 28th

  • Note: When reading each book through the 8 weeks of class, keep a hard copy of the LLAL handy to begin your selection process immediately

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